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Words. Since we are teenagers, we passed the stage of using our pointer fingers and yelling out another human beings insecurity. But we are kind of well, punks. We never say what we mean when we actually want to say it. We let people walk all over us when we know they are wrong. And if we are confrontational all we use is physical contact. What are we missing in this equation? Words. Now, for the expressive ones who use words.. How do you use them? I know, I know, we all use words. But I mean really use them. I mean for the greater good. To empower others, to make another feel spectacular, to open another’s eyes just by the instant literature you are creating with your mouth. Those kind of words. Teens across our country have been experiencing the bad side of words. Even me, but how can words become negative. It’s this slippery serpent that makes his way around through people. Once it happens to you, you do it to others. It’s called Bullying. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. It’s been around for ages.. But since we are in modern times kids/teens are experiencing it more and more in different ways as well. Cyber bullying has been off the charts lately. But once teens are so emotionally put down they don’t let the two and two click together. Shut. Off. Your. Computer. It’s that simple, if you want it to end end it. You can’t let things conquer you. I’ve been bullied all my life, once I heard you can be expelled for bullying. It simmered down for a while. But once you get older, and seem to find your rhythm highschool kids seem to get worse. Bullying that happens due to confrontation is easy to end to. But once again, teens donot let the two and two click together. Tell. Your. Parent/guardian/principle. It’s a tough decision to open up and tell another human being you are being hurt by someone verbally/physically ect. But do you want to hear negative words your whole life? No. You want to take your dream and pursue. Just remember youth of my generation use your words wisely and sweetly.


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