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To Take A Stand.

When I look outside my windowsill and gaze upon the sky what do I notice? What do I see? I see the beauty, the depth, the vibrance and the story the sky tells. See everything and everyone has a story. There is always a history, a memory something that brings relevance to the object. Everything essentially has a purpose. My purpose? Is to take the minds of our generation and remind them how grand it is to love yourself and love one another just because they can.

Not because of their status or how they look. Just because they’re manufactured to be great in every setting. To be a light house for a generation so in the dark is a big purpose. I believe that the youth of my generation are just confused. We aren’t “terrible” nor are we “phenomenal.” I believe we are human. Also I believe no matter what race, gender, or sexual orientation we all deserve to feel loved and be joyful. To lift the spirits of the people is what I love to do. To remind the children who live off of one meal a day to stay positive. And to look in the mirror and say “I love me.” Not just for their looks but for their intellect. For their character, and the way they hold themselves. To be an ambassador for positivity in this day and age is very rare. To stand on such wobbley ground and yell so loud is a huge statement. But I love it. This positive revolution to bring intelligence, positivity and selflessness back into our society’s mind is my only task. For I am simply just a messenger. A messenger bird that is passing on information that is already in our minds just stowed away in an old chest. For we are constant reminders. We are the future, we are the lost and soon will be the found. And I am simply a lightbulb that will never go out. I’m Killa’ Ki and I kill negativity what do you do?

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