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February //

Black history month used to never truly mean anything to me.

But as I grow older and wiser I have partaken in alot of events that do with being African American in America.

I love my heritage, I love my culture.

The other day I was diving deep into my roots. Haiti isn’t talked about often but I am still proud to be Haitian. Because we are a revolutionary breed of humans. They believed in fighting for what they believed in and winning. And ooh! Do I love that. Having something in mind and just taking it. And that is exactly my psychology and how I work. Black history month is a month of not just remembering the greats.. Like Rosa Parks, MLK, ect. And give thanks that slavery is abolished. It’s about enjoying humanity. At the end of the day we’re all human beings. We all share a heartbeat. So yes happy black history month. But remember to love your neighbor because we are one race. Not several other races.


This photo is from a wondrous time last summer. When Me and My momI sat down and had tea with Civil Rights Activists Dick Gregory, Paul Mooney and His Sons. Such a wonderful life changing moment, and enjoyed their beautiful words.

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