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About eyeamki 


What is Vigilante -  the Energetic Revolution of Love?

Because these are dystopian times, a time filled with internal wars, global wars, and threats of future wars. It is time for the Vigilant and the Virtuous to rise. This energetic revolution of love is for the unseen, the outcast, the reject, it's for the bullied, it's for the freak, it's for the geek, it's for the misfit, it's for the outcast, it's for you. We are not part of the 1% we are the 99, We are us! 

And now we are one.

Hailing from the eastern coasts of New York where she was cultivated in the solid gift of foundation. Traversing to the desert where she received the flaming winds of the Phoenix in the deserts of Arizona, and releasing her voice over the waters of the West Coast of Southern California, Eyeamki is your quintessential Avante-grade entertainer. Through song and dance, she came into the spotlight on Tiktok to become seen by those she inspired. She is a divine being of unquenchable fire, lit with the light of her passion and wrapped with the heart of compassion. Through song and eye, she pierces through all illusions, and with her music, she beckons your true being… all in an effort to show us our INNER VIGILANTE and to bring hope to a hopeless world.

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