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The lonely chair trend on TikTok was started by Chrissy Mahlmeister (@sweatmoustache). It is performed to a cover of Britney Spears’ “Baby One More Time” sung by artist Ki (@eyeamki).

resulted in over 2.2 billions views


What do you do when you’re under quarantine but have an insatiable need to celebrate life? If you’re EYEAMKI then you do what you’re born to do; you throw a party and bring along the world’s biggest guest list!

Paper Magazine calls her “TikTok’s reigning popstar” and Yahoo! says “she has become a true hot commodity on Tiktok and even more to the world.”  MORE


revolt black_edited.png

One thing about music in modern days is its ability to blur lines in regards to genres, essentially creating an entirely new art form for everyone to enjoy.


One rising star behind said renaissance of sorts is EYEAMKI, who has been making huge waves with her music via social platforms like Tik Tok ... MORE



What was your first reaction after going viral?

My first reaction after going viral was like walking through a storm of glitter. IMMACULATE! Just me being me; luckily my singing voice and music was my key to 10 million views over night. The one thing I love doing, the world does too. And that made me feel unstoppable.


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