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When I was younger, my mom gave me a mantra to face bullies: "You're fabulous. I'm loving it. You have to love yourself - you're fly, you're fly!"


This mantra became my guiding star, leading me to today, several years later, to launch 


F.L.Y. is the first installation on this fun empowerment project.


In a world filled with bullying and unrest, I want to share the gift of self-love with my fans and even those who may have once been my foes.

Bullying, canceling, and hate (negative social media impacts) take a toll on our mental health, body image, and confidence.


That's why I'm driven to make a difference (positive social media influence for life-changing impact).


F.L.Y. is here to empower you: reminding you that you are deserving of love, acceptance, and happiness. Just like the mantra did for me as a child. 


Together, let's embrace our uniqueness, celebrate our inner light, and create a world where kindness and self-love prevail. You're fabulous, and it's time to let your light shine!

xx eyeamki

love yourself!!

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